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Our Single Phase Electric Kiln range suitable for installation at home.

Jessica W.
Wodonga VIC
“Thanks Woodrow, so happy to get my kiln today, you are very efficient and professional. Easiest purchase I've ever made. Thank you so much.”

Our dedicated School Electric Kiln range with added safety features

David M.
Coolamon NSW
“Thank you for a very easy transaction/delivery process and a great product”
Jan O.
Darling Heights QLD
“My first kiln firing went great and the recommended programs are working well. The kiln manual is very user friendly and is written in simple terms if a person has not used a kiln before. Great doing business with you.”

Our Evo Electric Kiln range utilizing over 40 years Kiln building experience.

Michael W.
Pottery Teacher Nelson Bay
"We fire our new kiln every week, and find it very economical, less than half the running cost of our smaller electric kiln we replaced. It fires much more evenly than our last brick kiln only 1 cone difference between hottest and coolest spot [bottom of kiln]
The hard fibre finish shows no shrinkage and is dust free.
The controller is magic and with a hold on every stage makes firing even crystalline glazes easy. By far the best kiln I used in my 35 years as a potter and look forward to replacing my home brick kiln with a WOODROW fibre kiln."
Glen H
Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia Pty Ltd
"The kiln arrived and looked very impressive on its pallet. We installed it last Monday and have used it every week day since. Taken a little time to set the program due to experimenting with temps and times on our side but the kiln has performed perfectly. Very easy to use and the coolness of the exterior is very different to our old one. Many people have made very positive comments about it since it arrived. So I would just like to say thank you for the efforts you and your team went to, to provide us with a very well designed, efficient and effective piece of equipment that is vital to our Lab testings."

Our Gas Kiln range for those potters looking for reduction firing.

Our dedicated Glass Kiln range designed specifically for each type of Glass firing.

Our range of dedicated furnaces for workshop hardening and knife blade hardening.

We can offer a wide range of specially developed Kilns for Laboratories, Industry and even Dental studios.

Leonard S.
James Hardie Australia
"Woodrow were very helpful in designing a custom made kiln for our Lab testing requirements. The Kiln works great and we’ve had great support for any questions we have had by phone."

Whether on-site in the Sydney Basin or in our Factory we can service and repair almost any Kiln.

Guy W.
CSR Bricks and Roofing
"We have been using Woodrow to service our electric laboratory kilns for many years. Their servicing is prompt, reliable and their pricing is very reasonable. Woodrow can be relied on to fix our laboratory kilns when there are issues, and we have found them to always be very easy to deal with."

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