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Kiln Servicing - Sydney Metro

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    Woodrow Kilns now services only Woodrow Brand in the Sydney Metro area.


    Our Head Technician Frank has over 35 years experience servicing Kilns.


    From our Factory in Bankstown we service an area bounded by Waterfall in the South, to Brooklyn and Kurragong in the North, to the foot on the Mountains in the West.


    Service charges include an hourly rate for time on site and travelling time, plus parts.


    Due to the closure of a local parts supplier, parts for many brands are no longer available hence why we can no longer provide servicing for the following brands:

    • AFC
    • Cesco
    • Rada-therm
    • SEI
    • Ward
    • Paragon
    • Duncan
    • Evenheat



    Contact us to discuss your issue and we'll be happy to help.


Woodrow Kilns can service your Kiln on site in the Sydney Area.

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