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Kiln Venting System

  • Ventmaster Features:



    The system gives the following benefits:


    • Fume removal improves firings and ensures smells are removed from the room.
    • Extends life of elements by removing moisture.
    • Can aid in cooling of the Kiln.
    • Improves Temperature uniformity in the chamber.


    Woodrow Kilns can factory fit the system to your new Kiln.

    The system is only available on Kilns from the Hobby Fire Large 85L upwards.


    The unit sits within the footprint of most Kilns and ducts to the rear of the Kiln.
    Simply install a 100mm duct from PVC pipe or aircon ducting to the outside and all your annoying smells and corrosive fumes will be taken care of.


The VentMaster fume extraction system by Orton Ceramics works by creating a small downdraft within the Kiln, the chamber is kept at a slight negative pressure. Gases and Fumes are pulled out of the bottom of the Kiln, through a small hole, mixed with fresh room air and then exhausted to the outside through a 100mm duct.


Please contact us we can go through how this system can work with your situation.

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