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Kiln Shelves, Props, Bungs, Thermocouples

  • Kiln Shelves:



    Part No: Ri-0018                   300 x 300 x 8mm       1.3kg      

    Part No: Ri-0019                   400 x 400 x 12mm      4.0kg

    Part No: Ri-0022                   450 x 450 x 20mm      7.4kg

    Part No: Ri-0023                   530 x 530 x 20mm      9.8kg

    Part No: Ri-0025                   610 x 610 x 20mm      12kg


  • Kiln Props:



    Part No: Ri-0001                   25mm   (1 inch)

    Part No: Ri-0002                   50mm   (2 inch)

    Part No: Ri-0003                   75mm   (3 inch)

    Part No: Ri-0004                   100mm (4 inch)

    Part No: Ri-0006                   150mm (6 inch)

    Part No: Ri-0008                   200mm (8 inch)


  • Thermocouples:



    Part No: SA-0003                  Type K (Yellow Lead)

    Part No: SA-0004                  Type N (Orange Lead)

    Part No: SA-0006                  Type R (Green Lead) quoted on request

    Part No: SA-0005                  Thermocouple Protection Tube


  • Kiln Bungs:



    Part No: SA-0008                  k28 Brick Bung

    (Please confirm hole diameter in mm)




We stock a range of Kiln furniture. Shelves can be cut to size.


Please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

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