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Replacement Kiln Parts and Elements

  • Kiln Parts:


    Some of the parts we can supply:

        • Thermocouples Type K, N or R
        • Thermocouple Protection Tube
        • King Bung (please confirm diameter when ordering)
        • Replacement Door Seal Kit
        • Control Contactor or Relay
        • Replacement Elements (Woodrow Branded Kilns only)
        • Ceramic Fibre Blanket or Board
        • Insulating Kiln Brick
        • Insulation Support Rod or Nut
        • Element Split Bolt Connectors
        • Replacement Door Switch
        • Replacement Door Latch


We stock a wide range of parts and accessories for our Kilns. 


Due to the closure of a local parts supplier, parts for many brands are no longer available and we can no longer provide servicing for the non Woodrow brands including:

  • AFC
  • Cesco
  • Rada-therm
  • SEI
  • Ward
  • Paragon
  • Evenheat
  • Skutt
  • Tetlow


Woodrow Kilns also no longer supports Woodrow Kilns built prior to 1980 as the refractory materials in those Kilns are beyond their recommended product life. 


Woodrow Kilns built prior to 1972 with serial number less than 1000 may also contain asbestos.

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