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AF-3 Controller

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  • + Model: AF-3 Multi-stage
  • + Brand: Woodrow / Orton
  • + Years : 2007-2010




The AF-3 is the older model of the AF+ controller we now fit as standard across the range.

 The Orton Ceramics AF-3 controller is both versatile and easy to use.

  •  9 Program / Profile Memories 
  •  Each with up to 8 stages and optional soak at each stage.
  •  Ramps can be up or down so you can control cooling for things like glass or crystal glazes.
  •  Delay start function to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs.

To use simply enter the following:

  1. How fast do you want to go? (Ramp Rate Deg/hr)
  2. What temperature do you want to reach? (Deg C)
  3. Do you want to hold at that temp (soak)? (Hr:Min)

You can program anywhere from 1 to 8 stages

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