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AF-3000 Muti-Zone

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  • + Model: AF-3000
  • + Brand: Orton Ceramics
  • + Years : 2010-Current

AF-3000 Page



 The AF3000 is a Multi-stage and optional Multi-zone controller that can be fitted as an option to most Woodrow Kilns

 The Orton Ceramics AF3000 controller is best suited to Glass casting applications due to its extended program lengths or very large Kilns where the use of 3 zones can help to keep the chamber super even.

  •  9 Program / Profile Memories 
  •  Each with up to 8 stages and optional soak at each stage.
  •  Ramps can be up or down so you can control cooling for things like glass or crystal glazes.
  •  Delay start function to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs.
  •  Our built in 'Watch Dog' backup safety circuit to prevent over firing. 
  •  Can be single or 3 zone for increased chamber accuracy. 
  •  Each stage can be up to 99 hours long for complex Glass Casting cool downs. 

To use simply enter the following:

  1. How fast do you want to go? (Ramp Rate Deg/hr)
  2. What temperature do you want to reach? (Deg C)
  3. Do you want to hold at that temp (soak)? (Hr:Min)

You can program anywhere from 1 to 8 stages

The AF-3000 can also be retro fitted to nearly any Kiln. Contact us for a quote.

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